Progress Engineering, LLC, founded in 2000, is a Maine electrical engineering firm specializing in designing and implementing innovative process automation and control solutions for manufacturing facilities. Operating from our Manchester, Maine home office, we serve customers in a broad spectrum of industrial settings and in many different regions of the United States.

Our extensive forest products industry experience includes whole-plant wood pellet manufacturing design; log optimization slashing systems; cedar log manufacturing; and sawmill and planer mill control and optimization systems. The company also serves clients in other sectors, including water and wastewater treatment plants; naval ship steel preparation and cutting; bakery/food preparation; consumer goods manufacturing; construction materials batch plants; and biomass and hydroelectric power production.


Progress Engineering focuses on achieving common sense, carefully planned and practical solutions for economical ownership and operation of manufacturing equipment. As a company, we believe that a focus on efficient material handling and manufacturing practices, as well as the conscientious use of energy resources, is critical to the health of the manufacturing sector.


Progress Engineering includes two Professional Engineers as well as two technical staff members and office support. Combined, our professional staff is licensed in 10 states, and brings over 75 years of industrial automation experience to our clients’ projects. Our small size and low overhead allow Progress Engineering to deliver exceptional value and service.